CP caboose rebranded as CN?

I have a yellow CP caboose, but my layout is all CN. Did CN ever buy CP cabooses? My layout is mostly transition -- 1950s. Would it be authentic enough to put CN decals on the CP caboose?

Any suggestions?

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Wolf Kirchmeir

No, it wouldn't be authentic? Or no, you don't have any suggestions?

One word answers to multiple questions, raise more questions ;^)

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Brian Smith

Nope. If you mean the wide-vision CP vans built at th Angus shops in the seventies, the contemporary CN equipment was built at CN's Pointe St. Charles shops, or purchased from Hawker Siddley. Both are significantly different from the CP version.

But since it's your railroad, there's no reason YOU can't reletter the car. Given the dwindling number of servicable vans for use as rider cars on CN (one east of Joffre), it's not all that implausible that they'd grab a CP one if it were available and they really needed one.

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Chris, CN never bought any CP cabooses. Cabooses aren't even close to paint and decal. What kind of caboose do you have brass plastic? E-bay might be the answer, i often see CN wood cabooses on there. I don't beleive CP painted their cabooses yellow until they changed to pacman, late 60 or 70's not sure on that one i model CN.

Later! Gord

Chris wrote:

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Gord H

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