Lehigh Valley Caboose?

Hello all,
I don't know much about model trains, but my brother is looking for a
Lehigh Valley caboose. HO Scale. He mentioned that at one time they
made one that was white. He has the loco and another car that are
white and would like to find the caboose. I believe he said it was
called a snowbird.
If this isn't available are there any other Lehigh Valley Cabooses?
Thanks for your help,
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Brad, I don't know whether the white LV caboose is currently available, but this may be useful:
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For HO scale LV caboose you have a few choices. Check out
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a complete discussion. There were two LV cabooses that were painted white, #95054 and 95032.
Here is a direct link for modeling options
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Mark Nolan
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