DCC'ing an Orion/NJCB C&O steam turbine?

I have a New Jersey Custom Brass/Orion Models C&O M1 steam turbine.

The beastie is old enough that using a DC/DCC power pack, and she is off to the races.

Anybody have any pointers they want to share on adding DCC to this beastie?


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Bruce Burden
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Main issues: a) older motors draw a lot of power, so replacing the motor may be expedient or necessary; b) you must insulate the motor from the frame, which means extra wires; c) if you want the decoder in the boiler, you'll have to machine the weight to make room for it; this will cost you some traction.; d) if you put the decoder in the tender, the wires between it and the locomotive must be ultra flexible; e) about the only place for a speaker will be the tender; OTOH, that also means you can get a nice large speaker in there, which should improve sound quality; f) I assume that "off to the races" means the loco runs very fast at full voltage. Regearing may be indicated. In general, if the loco is a poor runner on DC, it will be a poor runner on DCC. Speed curves can compensate (up to a point) for excessive top speeds.

Apart from that, it's straightforward. ;-) Personally, I'd advise doing it only if DCC installation is one of your fave hobby activities. Or if you like learning new skills.

HTH, Wolf K.

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Wolf K

Measure the motor current at 12 vols DC. SoundTraxx and QSI are two companies that I know of that sell sound decoders for the turbines. I think the decoders are rated at 1 amp max which includes current for lights. Just remember, only two connections to the motor. Orange and gray wires. Use your multimeter to make sure the motor frame is not in contact with a brush. Some are. No idea your level of electronic experience or if you read instructions first.

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