Did you get ripped off by him ? mainlineprototypes

Dear Netfirms :)
I purchased several ho scale model from this site and paid by certified
check and none of my orders have been sent and now his website on your
system seems down?
Did he change his business name as he is located in alberta canada..
Can you provide me with any addtional imformation as he was using your
e-commerce software and such...
Thanks Brock Bailey
Brock R Bailey
110-1009 mc kenzie ave
victoria bc canda
v8x 4b1
http:// snipped-for-privacy@netfirms.net/
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Brock Bailey
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I get a security alert when I try the url: Mozilla tells me someone may be trying to trick me. So ---
NB that a url in the format
is actually request to login as
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Wolf Kirchmeir
By Googling the name "mainlineprototypes" I turned up a link to Google's cached copy of their website (which was hosted by Netfirms): I find it interesting that they offered a try-before-you-buy option. The exact wording was:
"We Will Ship to all of those that want our product, but want to see product first. We offer Deliver First, Then Pay On Customer Satisfaction."
The cached page also contains a hotmail email address that you might try - mainlineprototypes AT hotmail.com
Regards, and good luck, Ron McF
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