Dave Munroe ripped me off!!

A guy named Dave Munroe of Hiawatha, Canada ripped me off. He
advertised a 7 x 10 lathe on this news group for $175. I sent the
money almost 4 weeks ago and the lathe has never showed up. He claims
to be from Hiawatha, Ontario, Canada. He won't return my emails or my
calls. BEWARE OF THIS GUY! Scum like him screw home machinist out of
their hard earned money. If anyone know this guy please drop me an
e-mail. I have his phone numbers and I am tempted to publish them
here soon.
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I had a fellow mail me a oboe from maine, only about 600 miles away, but across the border.
Canada Customs are nowhere near as paranoid as US border nutzis.
Took three weeks.
Don't give up yet.
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On Sat, 21 Feb 2004 12:02:26 -0800, Regis wrote (in message ):
Patience, my friend. Stuff coming from Canada takes forever, it seems. I recently had a small package take seven weeks; and that was from a major city, not from out in the boonies.
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Roger Hull
Hey Regis,
Just hope there's a snafu somewhere and Dave's not the problem. Though, if so, he certainly should be at least talking to you.
I can sure sympathize with you if you've been screwed. Just a couple weeks ago Susan bid on and won a piece of art glass (she collects) that was misrepresented. Live auction on ebay, seller's name is Myers Auction Gallery, Michael Myers, and his wife (according to him, anyway) Mary Dowd. Seller is in Florida, we're in Washington State. Seller refuses to refund money, and its over $1,000, so we're likely headed for court. It's one thing to have something lost and everyone is trying to rectify the problem, but quite another to find that you have been screwed outright.
Good luck, keep us all posted.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
That might be because the terrorists would most likely be traveling from Canada to the U.S., not the other way around. Surely you are not this clueless?
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If I lived near there I'd go kick his butt for you. I'm from Canada, shop online a fair bit and can't stand this crap. Did you pay via credit card (Paypal) or such thing? If so, they will track him down and get your money back.
Good luck. James
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James Watt
Terrorists are now smuggling lathes? Either you're clueless or you think US customs are. I'd be putting my money on customs - they have to follow policy.....
Enough already. Not to to start another flame war, but the US killed more since the WTC than were killed in the WTC, and let's not even discuss what secret things the US govt has done to increase instability in certain parts of the world. This whole media-centric fearmongering causing mass paranoia and over-the-top "security" that does very little to secure people has gone on too long and is getting a little tired.
As for terriorists coming from Canada, that has not been shown to be accurate, it's only a media trying to redirect focus from the real problem - US foreign policy. Here in Canuck-ville we have a similar dictatorship to the US. Every 5 years or so we elect a different dictator. Given the Canadian dollar, however, even our most wealthy can't buy a Prime Minister-ship.
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James Watt
DOES NOT LOOK GOOD I picked this up on a Google search of groups. Just sorry he is one of ours!!! Note the date 06 10 2003. If only a guy had known!
Bill D
Search result 1 for your query Dave Munroe
From: Radiosam ( snipped-for-privacy@wongfaye.com) Subject: Re: Dave Munroe Scammer of Ontario Canada back at it!!!
View this article only Newsgroups: rec.radio.swap, rec.radio.scanner, rec.radio.cb Date: 2003-06-10 22:45:31 PST
Repost of old info, but it might help to put it into this thread.
A serious warning about Dave Munroe, Internet scammer, living in Keene, Ontario, Canada. In addition to Internet and eBay theft, he's now added mail fraud to the list. He sends letters of payment, supposedly with cash payments, but there's nothing in the envelope except the actual letter. A police officer he scammed opened one of these in front of Postal Employees, mail fraud charges are being filed.
If you have ordered anything and sent payment to one of these two addresses, you've been scammed:
Dave Munroe Alternate Address: R.R. #2 Keene 220 Paudash Road Ontario, Canada Keene, Ontario Canada K0L2G0 K0L2G0 (705) 295-4688 (705) 295-4612
He has also used a Peterborough address and several alias names for eBay auction site bidding, where he "bids up" his own merchandise, receives payment, and sends nothing. Two people so far have lost over $100 each on eBay purchases, several others are possible victims. The eBay site management has been notified of his aliases and activities, but he uses falsified user information to avoid capture.
17 verified incidents of Internet and eBay auction theft are known so far, and more possible... we're waiting for email from several more.
This guy advertises for sale or trade of computer, ham radio, electronic, and camping gear. He NEVER sends his agreed part of transaction, money or goods, and after the shipment arrives, he never answers e-mails and the phone number is never answered (used to be a BBS line he ran).
In August, he has scammed a half-dozen people for hard drives and modems. In addition, he's recently been advertising Asus motherboards and a Cyrix mini-tower system in non-forsale newsgroups, since warnings have been issued in all for-sale areas.
He has used these aliases for email, auction sites, and Internet theft:
snipped-for-privacy@mailtag.com snipped-for-privacy@mailtag.com snipped-for-privacy@mailtag.com snipped-for-privacy@mailtag.com snipped-for-privacy@mailtag.com snipped-for-privacy@mailtag.com snipped-for-privacy@beer.com snipped-for-privacy@ductape.com snipped-for-privacy@nettaxi.com dave snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com
If you are doing ANY business with someone in the Keene/Peterborough area of Ontario, BE SURE you have good contact info with your party... contact both work and home phones and addresses, etc. This guy seems to have a few available phone numbers, and at least 3 mailing/shipping addresses.
If you've been involved in a fraudulent sale with Dave Munroe, please contact snipped-for-privacy@worldnet.att.net or Rick Park at snipped-for-privacy@earthlink.net . Complaints have been filed with the Canadian authorities, and various Internet authorities and email providersSee this message in context.
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Bill Darby
Out of curiosity I did a bit of searching. What I turned up isn't looking so good I'm afraid:
formatting link
That's just one of MANY!
formatting link
Sorry. :-(
Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com
"I'm not grown up enough to be so old!"
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Keith Marshall
This quote from his post will give you a little insight into the kind of guy you are dealing with.
I am sorry about this A hole !
Search Result 5 From: kf4tun ( snipped-for-privacy@adelphia.net) Subject: Re: Dave Munroe is a changed man! Jesus is in my heart. View: Complete Thread (2 articles) Original Format Newsgroups: rec.radio.swap Date: 2003-07-27 07:20:34 PST
In case you haven't guessed by now, this guy (Dave Munroe) is just attempting to be a wise-ass, a big man. He is also really dumb, making fun of god and those who believe in god. So Dave, have a good time as you set there all alone, playing with yourself, as you write your silly messages. Strange way to get off, but I guess to each his own.
------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------
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Bill Darby
7 X 10 lathes are available everywhere for 200-250.00- why would you order a used one with no warranty etc. sight unseen to save a handful of dollars?
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At lot of use have tried to find Hiawatha Ontario but non of us, my self included, have asked the most important questions, where did you send the money to? If it was a check or money order was it cashed and where?
If you can find out where the check was cashed it might help to call the OPP fraud squad and ask them to look into the situation. You could also contact the OPP Phone Busters at
formatting link
or 1-888-495-8510 I think there mandate goes beyond phone fraud. It might also help to give them a copy of the here say info some people on this post have supplied you with.
Good luck
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The fact is James, there is a threat to the U.S. and there is no threat to Canada. Therefor it is reasonable that getting into the U.S. from a foriegn country (be you a human or a crate) requires a little more time and trouble. It's that simple.
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I think your assumption that terrorists are no threat to Canada is wrong and my reasons for thinking that are as follows.
Canada supplies the U.S.A. with far more oil/gas than all other countries combined including Saudi Arabia. We also have an inter connected hydroelectric and water grid that makes both our countries extremely interdependent. Our mutual border includes many major bridges and tunnels that if they where attacked would cripple both our economies. We are your largest trading partner by far and that makes your security and ours a mutual concern. Any terrorist with a brain knows what I have just said is true and that my friend means we all have to be vigilant, doesn't it?
You also have to take in to consideration that we have over 2000 troops in Afganistan fighting the war on terrorism and that means the terrorist don't really like us either. I personally wish we had a bigger military force but I'm very proud of the extremely well trained professional men and women we have stationed over there.
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I takes a month to get a small mail order parcel from Ontario to British Columbia!
Steve R.
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