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Hi group,

Looking to hire someone and looking at their schooling they have a Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree from Thomson/Education Direct

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Would their training be good enough for a entry level engineer position? Would they know anything about running FEA analysis? (not anything to complicated, shafts, brackets, weldments, etc.).

Another candidate has a degree from Kennedy-Western University

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. Is this a full Engineering degree? And would they be able to perform the same task and more that was mentioned above?

Any help in making this decision will be greatly appreciated!

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Whatever else it may be, the degree from EducationDirect surely isn't a qualification for FEA analysis--among other things, it isn't even covered in their sylabus. It looks to me more like a 21st century draftsman's degree....


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Isn't the whole point of the interview stage to help you make that decision?

Surely someone on your interview panel will be able to ask the relevent questions to ascertain the level of competence that the candidates possess?


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I guess it depends on what you mean by "entry level". Entry into what? Do you expect him to somehow blossom into an engineer?

It seems to me putting a guy with a technology certificate into an entry-level engineering position would be like putting a nurse into an entry-level doctor's position.



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Don A. Gilmore

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