Undergrad Computer Engineering course(s)?

I am trying to find a course or courses that are basically similar to
one at a local university. I've looked through several online course
catalogs but don't see anything that is very similar. I'm calling on
the wisdom of the group to point me in the right direction if
Some of the highlights of the course I'm trying to replace are:
Binary numbers, Boolean Algebra, Flip flops, Counters and registers,
68000 architecture, 68000 programming, CPU's, IO, Memory
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Jacob Burnetski
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Does this answer your question?
MIT OpenCourseWare Pilot. MIT has truly done something amazing by starting to add enormous amounts of courseware to their site FREE for anyone to use. Just launched in Sept 03!
Courses include: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
o 6.001 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Fall 2002
o 6.035 Computer Language Engineering Fall 2002
o 6.042J Mathematics for Computer Science Fall 2002
o 6.046J Introduction to Algorithms Fall 2001
o 6.061 Introduction to Electric Power Systems Spring 2003
o 6.071 Introduction to Electronics Fall 2002
o 6.111 Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory Fall 2002
o 6.170 Laboratory in Software Engineering Fall 2001
Mechanical Engineering
o 2.003 Modeling Dynamics and Control I Spring 2002
o 2.004 Modeling Dynamics and Control II Spring 2003
o 2.739J Product Design and Development Spring 2002
o 2.875 Mechanical Assembly and Its Role in Product Development Fall 2002
o 2.971 2nd Summer Introduction to Design January (IAP) 2003
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Alan McClure
I'm actually looking for something for credit.
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Jacob Burnetski
All of the topics you have listed may be part of one or more different distance courses. (N.B. As this post was cross-posted to the alt.education.distance newsgroup, I assume that Mr. Burnetski is interested in college courses by distance learning.) Were I a truly nice, neighborly chap, I would gather up the course catalogs of every engineering college with an independent study program, carefully inspect the curriculums of each offered course, and then supply you with a list of courses and course providers that meet your criteria. Unfortunately, I'm a little pressed for time, so I'll just offer you a few (probably unhelpful) pointers:
1) The nice chaps at the University of Idaho have some (apparently) nice undergraduate course offerings, which they list (only) in the graduate course catalog. I must confess to feeling quite foolish for the logic of their reasoning eludes me. Visit
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and follow the links. N.B. As I recall, they will only issue a "Pass/Fail" grade for "Background Study" courses (i.e. undergraduate graduate-courses). If you want an actual grade, you can pay several hundred dollars more and take exactly the same courses through "National Technology University"
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2) The Canadian university, Athabasca University, has a considerable range of distance course offerings. While Canadian, they are in the process of becoming (American) Regionally Accredited (which would make transferring credits to an American institution easier). Unfortunately (for you), they probably won't achieve accreditation until after you no longer need them.
3) The South African institution (polytechnic) Technikon SA
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, which is in the process of merging with the University of South Africa
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, offers Electrical Engineering & Computer related courses, National Certificates, National Diplomas, and BTECH degrees. UNISA has established policies for studying "...undergraduate module[s] for non-degree purposes..." (i.e. just taking a course for credit); I have no idea if Technikon SA does.
Technikon SA is unique as hands-on work ("practicals") are an integral part of their education, even though the courses/diplomas/degrees can be completed entirely by distance. They get around the obstacle of distance by requiring you, when "practical"-requiring courses are taken, to be employed in your field of study. You then must complete assignments under the supervision of a local "mentor."
Good luck, and do share any leads you find!
Cordially, Richard Kanarek
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Richard Kanarek
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