Flex Track Problems

I am in the process of laying my track and seem to be having
problems, especially on the corners, which are 22 degrees. What is
the trick to laying out flex track without the frustration I'm
experiencing? Seasoned modelers will know what I'm talking about -
the way the "movable rail" becomes longer or shorter than the "fixed
rail". I seem to be getting a lot of un-uniformed rail joints coming
off a straight section as the flex goes into the turn - or when there
is a joint in the middle of the turn. This of course causes
derailments. I'm pulling what is left of my hair out with this
problem, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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Use a tracksetta from Peco, it is a metal template that fits in the track and is available in many different radii. There are a couple of holes in it to allow pins to be pushed through while the glue is drying if this is you method of fixing. Available from Mainly Trains
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I believe Walthers has something similar Rob
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Rob K

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