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Another question: how do you get smooth curves using flex? My previous attempts at curving it resulted in something more like a series of kinks about one inch apart rather than a smooth, kink free curve.
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Depends upon the flex track. The loose stuff like Atlas and so forth tend to make wavy track and you have to insure that the track is properly tacked so that the ties don't stretch or compress and the track will usually take the curve nicely. The ME flextrack has the ties actually molded onto the rail so the ties hold the rail firmly, making for an easy kink. This can be aleviated by working the track from the center to the ends into approximately the right curve and then going over again to smooth out the kinks. There are curve gauges that will help in figuring out which way to go and the gauge tends to hold the rails from straightening out as you slide it along finishing up the curve. In addition, another simple way is to make a plywood or masonite curve that you set the edge of the rail along and thus work out the oddities in the curve. If you work gently and don't bend the rail permanently, you will get a nice even curve quickly.
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