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I am contemplating getting into G scale. I was wondering if the different brand name (i.e.; LBG, Bachman) trains, track and accessories are compatible. Also would I be better off to choose one brand and stick with it? Any opinions on which would be preferred?

Thanks, Bea

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Bea Essor
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The whole large scale thing is rather chaotic. Several different scales are used on gauge 1 track, which is 45mm or 1.75" gauge. As long as the rail height ("code" of the rail is its height in thousandths of an inch) is the same, the track should fit together, and trains should run on it.

G scale is 1:22.5 and it runs on gauge #1 track to simulate meter gauge trains. A few people will probably jump in here to say that's wrong. This is LGB's scale and gauge, mostly.

Bachmann's stuff is mostly 1:20.3 scale, to simulate 3' gauge trains.

USA trains and Aristocraft use a scale of 1:29 which is pretty much wrong for everything.

I think Heartland Loco Works stuff is built to 1:24 scale.

What do you mean by compatible? They're all compatible in that they'll run on the same track.

Coupler heights vary widely, which means different manufacturers equipment won't run together unless couplers are changed or you use the universal coupler adapter - a wire tie. Some use knuckle couplers and some use hook and loop, which is another problem.

Some people are aghast at the idea of running trains with mixed scales in them. That doesn't bother other people at all. If you plan to be outdoors you'll have all sorts of other non scale things around, too.

To start, pick something you like that won't require a second mortgage, and see where that takes you.

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Thanks Bill, for the timely, and helpful response. I think I'll do a little more research. Then I'll choose a brand and stick with it. I don't plan on building a RR empire.


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