Georgetown Branch update

Hello everyone,

Just a update on my progress. You may recall in my last update I was contemplating making a change in track plan. I wrestled with this for a month or so, and even considered a double deck layout and drew up a few rough plans. But in the end I decided to stick with my original plan of a single deck.

I did however remove all previously laid track back to staging.

Why? Well a few reasons..

One: I made a mistake eliminating one of the junction tracks where the branch meets the main line. I also made that track to short.

Two: I did not like the way the main line and branch track merged together. The prototype had a very long lead track before entering the main line, and mine was to short.

Three: the 1/2" plywood and homosote was way to heavy for my taste. The area around Bethesda was 24" x about 30" and it weighed a ton. With Georgetown mostly flat I did not want huge chunks of plywood and homosote in that area and the thought of humping plywood and homosote up and down so I could do cookie cutter was not my idea of fun.

So what then? Spine roadbed and light weight 1/4" luan plywood. I have pictures and more explanation on my web page.

I am still working on a final plan, but it will be pretty close to plan #7 with the junction tracks rearranged, and everything tweaked a little, oh, I got rid of the curved switch on the bridge. I was able to save all my hand built turnouts since I built them with PC ties. The only thing I lost was a little time.

I will upload the new plan as soon as I finish it.


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I love the clamps! What an elegant solutioon for a cheapskate like me...

Jeff Sc. Struggleville, Ga.

Don't bother to reply via email...I've been JoeJobbed.

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crosstie wrote in news:

I saw that idea on one of the web pages during a search for spline roadbed. His are very nice with machine screws and wing nuts. I just slaped mine together with stuff I had on hand.

3/8 plywood, scrap 1x1, and some 2" drywall screws.
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