HO Containers from Athearn, Walthers, Intermountain?

Has anyone here mixed HO Containers made by the various model manufactures, mainly Athearn, Walthers and Intermountain? Will Intermountain 48" containers fit in Athearn stack and attached other brand name containers?

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lyon_wonder spake thus:

Well, dang, if they're anything like the real thing, they ought to!

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David Nebenzahl

Yeah, well, they aren't so they don't. At least not Athearn's and Walther's (I don't own any IM's).

Any of them will more or less fit into any of the well cars I have. How well they fit seems to depend more on the particular car/container combination than brand combination.

However, the locating pins and receptacles apparently aren't exactly the same, so in general containers of the same brand almost always stack better than a mixed set.

That said, it hasn't been enough of a consideration for me to buy or not buy either brand. Almost bought some IM's, too, without even thinking if that would be a problem.

HTH, Stevert

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yep...and if you have any of the old Con Cor containers (they used to sell them in 3 packs), they're not the same dimensions, so they won't fit, for example, on a flat that has container shoes spaced to fit an Athearn or Walthers container snugly.

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