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Mike, Id love to see your modeling capabilities and your web site

We get hundreds of hits weekly and dozens of e-mails from people that enjoy looking at other peoples layouts. This gives them ideas on there own layouts and I am always willing to help fellow modelers with there question. So far I am glad that the modelers that I have meet are not at all negative like you. Happy Modeling

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Umm, I have some stuff on the web. But I would never post five consecutive messages that simply contained my url.

That's excessive.

You don't know me, you don't know my skills, you haven't even looked at my website, and you obviously haven't looked at my history of posting here on rmr.

I stand by original criticism. Five postings of your url within a few hours is excessive.

Mike Tennent "IronPenguin"

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Mike Tennent

Gotta go with Mike on this one.

We all accidentally post multiple, identical articles once in a while, but they are usually followed quickly by an apology: "Whoops. I'm sorry. Bill Gates made me do it," or whatever. Skatekid1321 should figure out what he/she did wrong to post so many identical articles, say, "whoops, I'm sorry," and try not to do it again.


in article, Mike Tennent at wrote on 10/7/03 4:25 PM:

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Edward A. Oates


They weren't identical -- just look at the subject lines.

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Mark Mathu

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