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I need to replace the power cord on a Lionel ZW transformer. The top of the transformer case comes off easity, but I can't see where the power cord is attached. Is the power cord attached at the very bottom of the transformer? Thanks for any help. Frank

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The primary winding on the ZW is the lower of the two windings on the transformer core. The power cord connects to a pair of hollow rivets on a small fiber board on the right front of the primary winding. Access is tight, but better if you advance the A-U and B-U controls to their maximum positions. I find it easiest to use a long thin pencil type soldering iron, to remove the old cord by unsoldering the cord where it passes through the hollow rivets, and pulling the old wires free to leave clean, open holes to receive the end of the new power cord. Remove any broken strands with a needle nose pliers, and any extra solder with a solder wick (or as substitute, a scarp of clean finely stranded wire to wick up the old solder.) Be careful not to damage or loosen the two wire leads to the primary windings which also pass through these same hollow rivets. Strip the insulation off the two leads of the new cord for about 3/8", tin these ends, and I find it easier to get them into the hollow rivets if the tinned leads have a slight curve in them. Thread the new power cord up through the bakelite base of the ZW, pull through some extra cord and put an overhand knot in the cord as a strain relief, pull the cord back until the knot seats on the base of the case, then thread the tinned leads into the hollow rivets, and solder them in place. Good luck. Geezer

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