Major Update!!! Missouri Railroad Depots - Now Look for Depots by Rail Line!

Hi All
You can now look for depots by Rail Line. You can see how many
Frisco depots I have, for example. I hope this helps your
searches for the depots you are interested in.
This was a major project a long time coming. Many thanks go to
William Bunch, who has a good background in Missouri Railroad
Very early on, your e-mail pointed out to me a major weakness in
my site. It needed a search ability. Well, I still don't have a
search ability, but at least you can do more now than you could
before. Maybe this will help until I can do searches. I also
upgraded all my navigation bars. I hope that helps you get
around better.
The main problem I had from the beginning was the naming of the
depots. I didn't have a stated definition, or guide line. I
think that's been taken care of. It's easiest to just copy here
the notice that is on my Rail Line List page;
Considerable thought has been given on how to classify these
depots by railroad. It was decided that each depot would be
listed under the railroad that it would be most associated with.
(Generally, the RR that built the structure or used it for the
longest period). This would be done by a person with a knowledge
of Missouri railroad history. Therefore you won't find any BNSF
or UP depots here. Those railroads and others will show up in
parentheses as the current operator/successor of the Missouri
railroads listed below. Bill Bunch has been primarily
responsible for this classification. Questions, clarifications
and differences of opinions may be addressed to Bill or me.
I hope all of you feel this is a step in the right direction.
The Web site is going to keep growing. Right now, I have 68 more
depots in my possession waiting for me to have time to post them.
I see no end to this in the near future. The thanks for that
goes to all of you that have helped me by sending me copies of
Missouri depots you were willing to share.
Thank you all very much.
Jack Forbes
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Does Bill hate me now for linking you two up? LOL!
The web site looks wonderful. I still have 180 or so Frisco depots for Missouri for you sooner or later. Bill and I do have some duplicates as we both purchased from Harold Conner.
Take care
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Art Marsh

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