Progress Report on the 175 Missouri Railroad Depots

Progress Report on the 175 Missouri Railroad Depots

I have finished scanning all 817 of the depot slides. I am now in the process of planning and constructing the web pages. I?m learning as I go, so it will take a little while. When I get far enough along, I?ll post here to let you know.

I will have Bonne Terre MO?s depot photos on my "potluck" page at;

formatting link
for a while longer. I?ll change that once in awhile. The rest of my web page, ( the cruise and the deck building) will be removed when I get started good with the depots.

About the main problem I still have to solve is storage on my ISP. If I don?t need much, I can get 20 meg blocks for $10.00 each. If I decide to link the larger photos with each smaller one, I will need a lot more then that, so I will be hunting for a different host.

One problem at a time, I?ll worry about that later.

Jack Forbes My e-mail address is real. Feel free to use it. I know how to delete spam.

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Well, you can greatly reduce your usage (and make your web pages MUCH more usable) if you reduce the file size of your pics to around 100K. Anything more than that is wasted on the web - screen resolution isn't great enough to make bigger files worthwhile, and those who don't have DSL are unlikely to appreciate waiting 5 minutes of more to download a single picture. If someone _needs_ a higher resolution pic, let them e-mail you for it.

If you'd like some sample photo album HTML, let me know - I've done a few.

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