April 17th,report - * 310+ * Missouri Depots. Got some good depots out there this time!

Hi All

Well, I'm about to get back in the groove. I've received 7 excellent old depot photos this time. The newest photo is 1969, the tie for oldest comes in three different depots shot in 1907. The other 3 are in between.

I had a new person donating for the first time and a return of our transplanted Missourian Bob Odom in Lima Peru.

Rodger McKinney gave me one from his excellent collection. Bill Bunch has, as always, done his part in giving me job security with a special photo of the 1925 Riverside,MO Railroad Depot with relations of his in the photo.

I hope to pick up the pace again to get back to normal. My next lapse will be in the middle of May when I go on vacation.

Stat Tuned.

Jack Forbes

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Jack Forbes
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Jack, you need to edit the caption on the Union Station Kansas City page. The post cards are of Union Station. This is only important because "Union Depot" was actually the original Kansas City rail depot down in the West Bottoms. After the flood of '03, it was decided they needed a new station up on the hill.

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Steve Barker

Hi Steve

Thanks for catching that. That was a pure old "creature of habit" mistake. I'd been typing "depot" so long, I didn't know when to quit.

It's been fixed and posted.


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Jack Forbes

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