Mantua 2-6-6-2 dis/re-assembly help needed

A friend asked me to fix his Mantua 2-6-6-2. I've figured out that something is jammed or stuck, I suspect the plastic tubing used instead of universals between the motor and gearboxes is the problem. But I I can't see how to get the superstructure off so I can find our where the jam is and maybe loosen it up. The loco was a gift to my friend, I suspect the previous owner disassembled it and during reassembly jammed something. The exploded diagram has disappeared.

Any help appreciated.


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Wolf K.
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Yardbird Classic Trains has the diagram for this, as well as most other Mantua locos. HTH


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As a general rule [Yeah I know that will draw LOTS of 'exceptions'] Stem locomotives of this manufacturing era use a screw down through the 'smokestack' for the front, and screws on either side of the cab assembly at the rear.

Chuck D.

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Charles Davis


Thank you, saved for future reference.

I went at it again, after a suitable pause, and found the two screws under the boiler that release the casting. The worm gears were frozen, probably on account of several years storage in a damp basement. Loosened the gear boxed, oiled the gears, turned the shaft by hand, then applied power. Started slow, then speeded up. An hour or so of additional running wil finish the job.

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