MG tower in N Scale

I am looking at having MG tower produced in N Scale. I have posted this question to see what kind of demand there is and it looks like the project is a go. MG tower or "Mid Grade" is located halfway between Altoona and Gallitzin and was built by the PRR in WWII to handle the wartime traffic on the grade. The structure is truly unique and has never before been offered.

I will be commissioning N Scale Architect to do this kit. The kit will be of quality laser cut wood and cast soft white metal castings. The price range is currently looking to be $30-$60, but I can not nail this down at this point. I need at least 50 orders to produce the kit, which at this point does not seem to be a problem. Measurements of the tower will be made with permission of NS in April or May, and we are looking at a summer time release.

If you would like one of these kits, please send me an e-mail at ian saying that you would like a kit, and how many. The order is non binding and is just to see the market demand at this time.

We are looking at also producing Alto tower in N, if you would like one of these, please also include that in the e-mail.



-- Ian M. MacMillan Epping, NH Guilford Rail Systems District 2

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Ian=A0MacMillan wrote: I am looking at having MG tower produced in N Scale.

--------------------------------------------- Good luck with your venture, Ian. I would certainly think there would be a demand for these towers.

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