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There is a new Atlas track cleaner, and there is the centerline cleaner, any recommendations please.

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You can read my review of the car on Nscale.net

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-- Ian M. MacMillan Epping, NH Guilford Rail Systems District 2

Conrail Pittsburgh Line in N scale;

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Well, the Atlas car is basically the Tomix car with a new color scheme and new price tag ;-D

It vacuums, grinds and wet-cleans .... 3 functions for the price of one, it's DCC compatible, and in combination with a bottle of Tomix rail cleaner you're basically sure your track will stay clear ....

I use one once a week to clean my tracks, (first a couple rounds of vacuuming to get the dust off), then I wet-clean the track with some Tomix Track Cleaner for a couple rounds and everything runs like clockwork :-D

Total time (for a 250x80cm layout; one lap is ~ 14 meters) for cleaning -

5-8 minutes ...

As fas as I'm concerned, can't go wrong on the Tomix one ...

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I would not want to be without it. None of the Aztec cleaners that I have, nor the centerline come close. My track now runs like the day I put it down. I use the Tomix fluid as well as the original Tomix car.

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Ken Harst> There is a new Atlas track cleaner, and there is the centerline

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