Milwaukee Road Electric Switcher

I'm looking for information on a single truck electric locomotive (X3800) that ran on the Milwaukee Road in Montana, near Glacier Park, I presume. It may even have been used as a switcher in the mines.

From the sketchy information I have, it was a single truck affair and had, literally, an extension cord for power atttached to it. It had a firecracker antenna and was painted Armour Yellow. At first glance it appears to be half of a GE 44 ton switcher or electric box cab.

Any help you can give me is appreciated!

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David Culver
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#X3800. There are two photos of it on page 57 of Morning Sun's Under Milwaukee Wires by Bill Marvel. Much more angled lines than a 44 tiner, but same basic principle - 1/2 of one. Painted black in these photos.


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Charles P. Woolever

What you are describing sounds like the shop switcher at Deer Lodge, MT. This was built on an old FM truck and had an 'extension cable' to plug it in. It was used to move electrics in and out of the roundhouse stalls from the turntable.

Jim Bernier

David Culver wrote:

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Jim Bernier

In the Milwaukee shops they didn't even use a cab. The used the truck from a DL-109 with a cable up to a trolley in the roundhouse ceiling.


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David Culver wrote in news:

It's Deer Lodge's shop goat:

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Currently residing just to the west of the depot in Harlowton.

The other side of it can be seen here:

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I *might* be heading up that way in a week or two and could get closer pictures if you need them.


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