N Scale Track Plan 30"x80"

I'm looking for an N-Scale track plan to fit on a 30"x80" door (with legs of course). I'd like to have a lower and upper level track that can be run continuously and have crossovers and a ramping section to go from one level to another. I'm looking for something with some interest in landscaping and a tunnel or two through hills or mountains. A reversing loop maybe?

I'm NOT a scale modeler and have never tried scenery, but am willing to give it a try.

Any good track plan out there for me? Photos would be nice too. I've seen a lot of track layouts, but transforming from a flat 2 D track plan to a nice 3 D one seems impossible from the plans I've seen so far.

I should add, I'll be using DCC on the layout.


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There is just such a layout plan in MR or RMC back in the late 70's I believe. The article is called "N Scale Layout on a door". It has three levels and goes in a circle three times , at different levels , before it gets back to the starting point. You can also throw a switch so that just goes through one loop. Has a number of tunnels , don't remember how many. Kinda " which tunnel will it come out of next" type of layout. I threw one together years ago for a model RR show and sold it there. It was fun and had a plenty of room for scenery. Not much operation but I enjoyed it.

It is on the cover of the magazine , so that will make it easier to find if you choose to look for it. I may have the magazine. If I find it I'll post what magazine , year and month.


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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thor's All Gauge Page has several track plans that might help:

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A good book, "The Big Book of Track Plans" by Robert Schleicher has 81 track plans:

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This is 37% off list and includes free shipping on orders over $25.

Good luck with your railroad!

Bill Bill's Railroad Empire N Scale Model Railroad:

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History of N Scale:
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Railroad Bookstore:
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to 1,100 sites:
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you might want to check this site out also

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it deals specifically with using a door for a n scale layout.


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