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Have a question for those of you who are using the NCE PH Pro. I have what I believe is the 5amp booster. Tonight, as I was programming one of my loco's (athearn P40 with NCE decoder), I notice a warm electronics smell coming from the command station/booster. My question is how many locos can the NCE PH Pro support on a layout. I had two Proto 2K gp7 with decoders, one Proto 2000 E6 with QSI sound, and the athearn on the layout. Is it possible that I'm drawling too much power for these units? Eventually, I expect to have 2 Athearn P40's, 3 Proto 2K GP7's, 2 Atlas Dash 8-40CW with sound, 2 Atlas Dash 8-40CW with out sound, Proto 2K E6 with sound, and finally 1 Proto 2K E7 without sound. Oops, forgot about the BLI Class A with sound that will be making an occasional run through.



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The unit can handle as many locos plus whatever else is powered by the unit to get to 5 amps. That means you need to measure the amps flowing to the tracks from the NCE unit.

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And if you exceed the output capacity the booster will shutdown - with associated flashing lights on the unit, provided of course your powersupply can properly supply at least 5 amps. See you manual for the meaning of flashing lights.

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