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I just bought my first non-toy loco, an Atlas Dash 8-40BW. It comes with a built-in DCC decoder. My first question is how do I pop the top on this loco so that I can get access to the decoder? It has some delicate detailing so I don't want to break anything trying to get it open. My second question is why does it come with an alternate set of couplers? Why would I want to use one set of couplers versus the other set?

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Tom Walker
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Frank A. Rosenbaum

Excellent choice! ;-)

As for the couplers, one set [the bizarre shaped, horn hooks that are packaged in a plastic bag] are obsolete. You can toss those into the parts box for use in some other creative modeling project [but not for coupling purposes].

The couplers included on the engine are the new and accepted design. However, Kadee makes a stronger, spring operated version that has been widely accepted by modelers as the best choice for dependable operation. The McHenry #51 coupler is another option that I have used on certain items where the Kadee insertion was not as easily achieved.

You have two Kadee choices: a Kadee #5 or a Kadee #58. Either of these coupler assemblies will slip into the screw pocket with relative ease. Any train shop will sell the Kadee couplers.

Enjoy your new engine. It's a wonderful piece of equipment.

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Matt & Kathleen Brennan

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