Hornby Select & loco codes

Finally got around to putting a decoder into my sons 'James' loco.

My first problem was all the wires on the loco were black ! Why Hornby WHY ?

Got the decoder wired up and went to test it plus give it a new code, which for 'James' my son said had to be 05.

It ran OK as 03 but when I tried to change it to 05 it would not accept code ?

It says you can just press 5 and it goes over to 05 but it just stayed on 5.

It did eventually accept loco code 5 but only after about 20 attempts. Has anyone else had similar problems ?

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Dragon Heart
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"Dragon Heart" wrote

Yes loads, there have been widespread 'problems' with Hornby's DCC systems extensively reported on the net.


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John Turner

Looks like it's 'Zero 1' all over again ........ despite the promises ?

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Dragon Heart

'Problems' as in rumours....

First question would be have you made sure the track and loco wheels are really really clean ?

Cheers, Simon

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