O scale and DCC

I have been lurking and surfing about DCC since I retired a few months
ago, as I get back into the layout business. So I am not going to ask
which is the "best" DCC system, although there is a confusingly huge
number available now.
Just a question about power.
What do you O scalers use/prefer? I have run some tests on my locos and
the newer can motors don't use a lot more run current than an HO rig,
but the stall current is MUCH more. It would certainly take out a 1 amp
circuit that didn't have good protection.
I know my old open frame motors will have to be replaced, but I would do
that anyway even if I was going back to a DC throttle. But I need a
system that is not fragile as pertains to larger current draw.
Thanks all
Bill Staples
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Digitrax makes decoders that will support 5 amps:
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However, they also make decoders that will support 2 amps that are less expensive:
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The best of both worlds is the discontinued DH38FX. It was the perfect decoder for O scale. They can still be had at some hobby shops, but supplies are dwindling. If you want to hunt for them, they are ideal for your use. I run several old, open-frame Pittman motors with DH83s of various manufacture dates and have never had any problem with them. I have also run open-frame motors with the DH163D with no problems, but they were small compared to some of the large ones used in some O scale locos.
NCE (North Coast Engineering) also has large-scale decoders.
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NCE is an old and respected name in DCC.
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