OK - I have Gravity Newsreader - now what?

I see the Ignore the Spam rule dialog, and have run it, but now how do I filter out cross-posts?

Is there an automatic way to filter out any messages with attachments?

Frank Eva

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Frank Eva
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click on "tools"

click on "rules"

click on "add"

under "general" mark "applies to all newsgroups" and "this rule does not expire"

under "conditions" mark "cross-posted to more than" and enter a number. Then click on "add condition"

under "actions" mark "discard".

click on "OK"

I won't guarantee that the above is exact and/or complete, but it's close.

you may then have to enable it on the main rule screne.

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Larry Blanchard

In article ,

Actually, I was fortunate that this rule came pre-installed! Now, it would be really great if Gravity could ignore all posts with attachments, but I don't think that's an option...

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Frank Eva

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