On3 Trucks

Anyone familiar with good aftermarket products ? Haven't had much luck
with Walthers, Grandt Line, or local hobby shops.
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Grandt Line trucks are pretty much as good as it gets in On3. Nobody seems to be making trucks of the quality of HO stuff that I've seen. Probably the biggest reason is that train lengths are not that long and locos are big enough to pull fairly well.
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Bob May
Try this link
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Jim Klein
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jim klein
Thanks guys. I found some.
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A friend at the O-gauge club has been building some cars that he wants to run at both the club whose narrow gauge section is On3 and at home which is On30.
He wants to be able to replace wheelsets between home and club.
Which would mean On30 wheel spacing on extended axles, or an On3 set with wheels that can be regauged on the same axles.
Does anybody know if this can be done with the San Juan Car trucks?
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Christopher A. Lee

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