pics of progress on my loft layout

As part of my track testing I've had some people visit my BMW loft layout recently.

These include: Bob Norris: one of our coach drivers on the Wunderland trip who became an NMRA member after meeting the rest of us. He spent 6 hours 'playing trains'

Cliff South: *the* regular (I've even named one corner of the loft layout after him). Cliff doesn't do DCC so if I can make the layout easy enough for him to use it should be OK for most other people

Peter Blake: Seaboard Southern member who helped me drop in a DCC board on an SD45 (in the photos). Without his help I'd still be trying to get the lights to work - thanks Peter

Alan Crooks: Seaboard Southern's new chairman and someone who's always turned out to help man the display stands. He would still be in the loft now if it wasn't for the fact he had a train to catch

We had three consecutive nights of 'testing (SWMBO was in France with a bunch of school kids !) which proved extremely useful in identifying problems (mainly one switch needs looking at) and proving that the track layout, wiring, etc. actually works. Now I can go ahead with ballasting, adding scenery, etc to some parts of the layout.

I'll be holding a few more 'testing' and running (i.e. 'playing') sessions soon. Look out for more photos

Photos start:

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