HO & N scale Decals: Ghost Signs, Graffiti, Circus Sideshow

Not too long ago businesses and products were promoted or celebrated
by advertisements painted on the sides of buildings. Those that remain
today are very faded (which gives them the name of 'Ghost Signs'), but
they do give one a glimpse back to some of the products and businesses
of a bygone period.
T2 Decals is proud to announce that we now have 35 different sets of
Ghost Sign waterslide decals available in both HO AND N Scale. Made
from pictures of real signs as they appear today, these pre-weathered
decals will add a realistic effect to your layout.
Each set is professionally printed and reasonably priced at $3.99/
each. And shipping is always free! Please ask about custom orders in
other scales. And be sure to check out our Graffiti and Circus
Sideshow decals too.
Check them out by following this link to our ebay store:
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Thanks for your time and happy modeling!
Todd Thornberry
T2 Decals
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On 5/5/2010 9:17 AM Thorn14 spake thus:
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I must say that my initial reaction to postings such as yours is usually distrust and distaste, as this is borderline spam (and a double whammy since it's an eBay store).
But in this case it appears that you have a useful product that I'd probably buy if I had a layout, or if I were decorating some structures.
Some suggestions:
1. One of the things I don't like about the eBay store format is that you're forced into their style of listing items for sale. Makes it kinda hard to know what all you have. Have you thought about creating some kind of catalog, so people might be able to find something appropriate for their structures without having to look at each and every auction?
2. Your pictures are a little on the small side. I'd like to see much larger pictures so we can judge the quality and details of the decals. At least 3 or 4 times the size of what you have now.
This actually could fill a niche that I feel has been overlooked in the hobby (well, except by such masters as George Sellios).
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David Nebenzahl
Nice... I just saw them mentioned in the "product news" section of the June 2010 Railroad Model Craftsman, which I just received in the mail today. __________ Mark Mathu Whitefish Bay, Wis. The Green Bay Route:
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Mark Mathu

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