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I'm very new to the hobby and have a question regarding the scale. We're working with HO and wonder if our large collection of Hot Wheels cars are similar scale to HO trains. What is the actual scale of HO? And does anyone know what the scale is then of standard Hot Wheels collectibles?

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HO scale is 1:87.1 Hot Wheels are approximately 1/64th scale. That is equal to S scale or the American Flyer scale, so the cars are larger than HO. If you are not particularly concerned about the scale, you can use them. Just don't use HO scale cars near the Hot Wheels.

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Frank A. Rosenbaum

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Wait--not so fast: I've looked through quite a few of those little cars (and trucks, construction equipment, etc.), How Wheels and Matchbox, and I seem to remember that not only are they not all the same scale, but some of them were pretty dang close to HO. Close enough to be no matter. Some of them have the scale molded on the bottom or printed on the package, though most don't.

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David Nebenzahl

Also realize that many times you can get away with using their construction machines with HO without them looking out of scale.

"Paul - The CB&Q Guy" (Modeling Late 1960's In HO.)

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I seem to remember reading that makers like Matchbox scaled their models to suit the size of their packaging - so models of larger sized prototypes would be built to a smaller scale.


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I suspect that's the case, since one merchandising requirement is that all the little hanging cards fit into their alloted space on the display rack. I have one piece in particular, a very nicely-molded front-end loader, which looks to me to be dead-on HO scale.

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David Nebenzahl

That is correct. So, Matchbox (or Hotwheels for that matter) models will vary in scale. Many Matchbox models have their scale engraved on the bottom. Others don't. So, while passenger automobiles might be around 1:64 scale, other items will be different. Each vehicle has a different scale. So, even a Mini Cooper will be larger scale than a model of a Cadillac Limousine. I suspect that some heavier construction equipment is actually scaled down much closer to H0 scale in order to fit into the "standard" Matchbox box.


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