N gauge decals

Thanks to all who gave me advice on repainting Farish bodies.
I now need information on decals.
The company's who supply decals how do they come a sheet to do more than one
loco, do they have a selection of numbers and other items on the sheet such
as warning signs for over head power.
Do you get layout details on positioning of the decals.
How many can be done with one sheet.
Who do the best quality is a decal that is not to thick.
I am looking to do class 37's.
Thanks again for all the advice.
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Fox Transfers are the main supplier of modern N decals - they do separate sheets for different livery elements, e.g. overhead flashes, numbers, logos, etc. If you buy one of each, you'll have enough for several locos.
What liveries are you looking at?
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Adam Warr
Hi Adam I tried to reply to you but it bounced back at me. The locos I will be doing are 37 new Farish stock in the following logo. Railfreight grey Metal sector Coal sector Petroleum sector Transrail grey Mainline Loadhall EWS Can I get all of the decals to do these locos. Thanks Paul.
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Hi Paul,
Try Fox Transfers as your main source of decals - they do virtually all the pre-EWS logos, numbersets, nameplates, depot plaques and subsector graphics. They also do the EWS and EW & S lettering / numbering for 37s (as well as others).
Also worth having a look at the N Gauce Society shop and N-Thusiast Resprays
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I picked up a sheet of rub-down EWS graphics at Warley for £1.50 - a lot cheaper than Fox! Just the thing to finish off my 37114.
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Adam Warr

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