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To: uk.rec.models.rail Hi all. I am planning on building a steam era layout, country terminus in N gauge. Although I am quite okay with track laying, wiring and electrics (I enjoy this the most!) my skills with the scenic side of things are lacking somewhat! (especially kit building - my last attempt ratio signal box looked like something that had been bombed during the war!) My previous attempt at a layout (on a 4 x 18" board) stalled when I needed to start the scenic stuff as I couldn't get the station platform to work!

I am not a big fan of model railway clubs, as I feel rather intimidated and completely out of my depth! What I would love to find is someone (or a very small group) in the Hull (or upto an hours travelling) area, who I can meet up with to learn the basics of scenics, help me get started with the basic scenics on my layout. Obviously anything I can offer in the way of help with their layout in return...

If anyone is interested, just reply here and we can have a chat first...

Thanks R

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Hi Merlin,

I would certainly recommend joining the N Gauge Yahoo group, which is a general forum for UK N. You'll be made to feel very welcome and find plenty of good advice!

Click here:

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All the best

Adam Warr

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If you have not already then you should join the N Gauge Society, they my well have a local group in your area, aimiabl lot, very handy society shop as well.

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Mike Smith

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