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Hi gang,

I'm placing some structures on my layout and there's occasionally an unsightly gap between the bottom edge of the structure and the surface where the building isn't square. I was thinking of adding a little line of coarse grass to cover it up or maybe putting some scale junk in front of it.

Any other suggestions?

PS: Any helpful suggestions for insuring that my future structures are square? I was thinking of cutting a wooden block that matches the internal dimensions and building on a flat surface, but that seems too cumbersome.



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The list of possibilities is rich; here are just a few:

- Shrubs. Lots and lots of shrubs.

- Use white bathroom caulk, then sprinkle the remainder of the layout liberally with scale snow.

- Bank the base of the building with sand, and make the layout a desert locale.

- Continue building them crooked, but touch them up on a belt sander before installation.

- Continue building them crooked, but before installation, draw around the base with a pencil, then rout inside the line enough to inset the building into the layout deeper than any potential gap.

- Put tee nuts into the corners, and tell visitors it's an earthquake-proof building design, in common use in the area you're modeling - OR, strangest of all -

- build them straight, on a flat surface, because it's ultimately less cumbersome.

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John Miller

I just place the building and then use whatever scenic material "fits" the location.

Dirt, weeds, junk, rocks, pavement, grass, bushes, flower garden, vehicle....

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I make a fine "sausage" of modellers clay (non-drying) and lay it along the bottom edge of the building before placing the building on the layout. The little bit that squishes out can be flattened/feathered with an old screwdriver. Modellers clay like "DAS" can be got in a variety of colours quite cheaply.

Just cut some pieces of card to right angles, glue to your flat surface and assemble the adjoining walls against them.

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Gregory Procter

You need to build a foundation for the buildings and that goes onto the general scenery to fill in the holes.

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Bob May

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