Possible car ferry conversion

I received an unsolicited catalog in the mail from Model Expo. Its
generally very intricate looking ship kits.
Also has some interesting detail type parts not usually seen in the
railroad side (hand pumps taht would look great with some mining scenes,
winches, cranes, small boats, barrels, buckets, etc.), Unfortunately, or
fortunately depending upon how well you can do conversions in your head, the
parts are listed with actual dimensions (English and metric) as opposed to
being listed with a scale ratio (e.g. 1:87 or 1:48 or whatever). Still
interesting items that are not usually seen in quite that form from the
railroad suppliers.
There is also one ship kit item that looks intriguing. Its a 1: 80
scale (awful close to 1:87) steam powered sternwheeler kit, the "King of
the Mississippi", which looks like it would make a very good looking
conversion to a car ferry (at least single track, maybe dual track) on a
period layout.
I've never bought any of the stuff, so I have no personal experience
with the quality of lack thereof. I have no interest in the company, etc.
Jim McLaughlin
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Model Expo is a good company. I bought a 1:90 scale USS Constitution (Old Iron Side) from them. Be aware that the wood kits are built up just like a Fine Scale Miniature kit. Board by board and you will have to bend some of them to make the hull.
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Frank A. Rosenbaum
Hello Jim; Have bought many bits a pieces & full up kits from Model Expo the last few years. As you say you will need read the description carefully. I've been pleased with Model Expo as far as their busness dealing will me. Roe
Jim McLaughl> I received an unsolicited catalog in the mail from Model Expo. Its
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Roe Thomas
Another thing the ship building guys work with that we don't see much of are the types of wood they use. Lime wood is a very light but sturdy and flexible wood. A station could be made from reddish brown mahogany used for a wainscot and trim with golden yellow boxwood for the rest. Or how about some old wood passenger cars. They but might be out of place on a layout because weathering and paint would defeat the purpose of using these woods. Still the natural finish would look fantastic and might be suitable for someone who just wants to have a good looking display model. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger

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