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Hi all. As you know my disposal lists comprise mostly military models of some kind. I just acquired a lot that included some automobile and motorcycle kits and need some help pricing them in US dollars. All kits are complete, in fact most of them even have the parts bags still sealed. I've looked in various sources and I found a couple of references in the CVG, but not much luck elsewhere. Any assistance would be helpful. You can either post on this NG or email me at the address below. If you want to make a reasonable offer that's ok too.

ARII 1/32 scale '66 Contessa 1300 (Owner's Club series)

EUROPE MODELS 1/32 scale 1891 Panhard, 1895 Panhard coupe and 1905 Panhard tonneau "Roi des Belges" (CVG says $10-15 each?)

NITTO 1/12 scale Suzuki RM50 racer (2 kits, one still shrinkwrapped)

SMER 1/24 scale Alfa Romeo Type 158 and Lago-Talbot (CVG says $12-17 each?)

SOLIDO 1/43 scale Lancia Stratos: this is a METAL body kit with some plastic parts. Three interesting rally decal schemes - Pirelli, Alitalia and Bic.

Thanks in advance for any help.

M. J. Rudy

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