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Someone ought to market an "air freshener" that smells like the
creosote on railroad ties. I love that smell, and will always associate
it with trains. It would give model railroads the scent of
authenticity. :)
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"Olafactory Aires" actually tried it a few years ago.
It looks like sound is winning out over smell in this battle.
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Mark Mathu
I remember coal smoke (from houses as well as locomotives), and it does take me back, just like the smell of burning leaves takes me back to post-war Illinois, or the smell of diesel or jet exhaust takes me back to standing on a carrier deck or in the door of an H-3 on Yankeee Station.
Doesn't mean I want to breathe in even small amounts of it. I've loved our various trips to Italy, but I don't want to smell that pig factory north of Soave ever again.
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Steve Caple

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