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You comments are on point and very well stated.

John Glaab

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The full page spreads are adveritising. The marketing mix includes product, price, distribution, and promotion. Advertising is a component of marketing.

The purpose of advertising is to try and covince a buyer to purchase a product. Marketing includes trying to determine what a customer wants or needs and finding a way to profitably meet that demand.


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Charles Bix

Whenever I have asked a question regarding a new locomotive, especially in regard to DCC upgrades, I get no replies, probably because there aren't enough folks here that run new locomotives in digital. Also, I find that most folks don't have the time/desire to write a "review" and post it here.

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Frank Eva

I've got two new locos in transit and I'll be quite happy to write reviews (except fully for the DCC bit) Who is going to want to hear about a Trix (Marklin 2 rail) Württemberg K (2-12-0) and a Brawa (same stable as Lifelike) Württemberg Fc (0-6-0)?

While I consider that I set/judge a fairly high standard, I have little idea how these might compare to the latest US Diesel loco products.

Regards, Greg.P.

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Gregory Procter

You don't seem to like it, but the group *has* come to a consensus: No, it isn't possible.

If a magazine want's to review actual production models, they have to wait until the actual production models are available. After that, you have publishing lead times to deal with, and the review shows up well after the models have hit the street.

One thing we haven't touched upon, is that even if there was some magical way to get manufacturers to sit on their inventory for four months before releasing them to the public, this does nothing to solve the problem of the trend toward advance-purchase limited runs, where you have to reserve your locos months before the molds are even finished...


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Dan O'Connor

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