Caution in train storage!

Just in case nobody's ever discusses it before....I'd like to suggest some caution in storing model railroad equipment.

I had a bunch of extra motive power -- including three Athearn F59PHI's in N-scale. So, just to get them out of the way, I parked them on some shelves that had those non-skid shelf liners on them, along with the airliner models.

The engines' bottoms stuck to the shelf liner!!!! Had to carefully remove the shelf liner which stuck itself to the bottoms of the fuel tanks and truck frames. Yet the same shelf liner did nothing to the

1/144 airliners that I painted myself (their wheels are resting right on the liner).

The shelf liner stuff I used is that web-like stuff with no glue. The F59PHI's were Amtrak, Coaster, and Metrolink -- so it didn't matter what color the fuel tanks/trucks were painted or cast in.

Just thought I'd pass this along, so nobody else has extra work to do removing the shelf liner from the bottom of their locos and cars!

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Steve Hoskins
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I was moving an needed something to hold secure my ho, roco canadian pacific fa units secure in a box, I used a pair of ski gloves, the fake leather palms melted the paint after one day . so beware of any poly type thing coming in contact with your trains,

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What a coincidence! I was thinking of the same thing just this afternoon.

A year or so ago, I used the same product, made by Rubermaid I think, to line some drawers that I then stored some rolling stock in. My logic was that it would keep the cars from sliding around and getting damaged. I laid a number of cars of various makes (Accurail, MDC etc) on their sides and it worked great. Until a few months later when I found most of the cars had stuck to the liner. It left a dotted pattern on the sides of the cars that can only be fixed by repainting.


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Glen Smith

It's a well reported fact that these non-skid liners will attack various plastics and paint finishes. Sadly, once the damage occurs, there's no easy fix.

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Daniel A. Mitchell

Rubber bands are another culprit.

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Greg Forestieri

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