Replacement trucks for IHC Cars...

i bought 3 HO scale IHC smooth side passenger coaches. Well, they were
cheap, but the trucks and wheels are for sh**. So does anybody knows
replacement trucks that are prototypically correct?
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Michael Kreiser
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Try ReBoxx wheelsets in the IHC trucks. They may not look spectactular, but they sure roll nicely!
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David Emery
Off hand I don't know the specific prototype for these cars, but that is really less significant than the RR scheme for which yours are painted. Different RRs favored different trucks, and trucks styles changes depending on vintage of the cars. There is a good article in the Feb 2005 Model Railroader. Suggest you get that mag, do a bit of research as to what your prototype used, and select trucks appropriate to the cars you want your IHC cars to represent. Gary Q
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