Seeking Santa Fe Doodle Bug (War bonnet) information

A while back, I happen to see a very cute Doodle Bug produced in N scale by some asian manufacturer. It consisted of a two parts doodlebug, a very short engine coupled to a car. The car was sharing one of the truck of the engine, if I remember correctly. The engine had a bunch of stacks of the roof. The doodlebug was painted in the Santa Fe war bonnet scheme.

1) I was wondering if any book gives more description about this model and if plans are available?

2) What could have been the manufacturer of this cute model (made of brass)?

3) Is this DoodleBug available in O scale (2 rails)?

I would like to gather information in an attempt to perhaps build an O scale model, if not available.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


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This is the ATSF M-190 built by the Electro-Motive Corp. in 1932 with body by Pullman. The motor section is 30'3" long and is articulated with a 59'2

3/8" full baggage section. It weighs 126 Tons and has a 900 HP diesel powering the 4 axles on the front 2 trucks. This was the largest Santa Fe doodlebug, and it has been preserved. It is now in the collection of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, is awaiting restoration and is not on public display. See:
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It is mentioned in Edmund Keilty's "Interurbans Without Wires" and in his "Doodlebug Country". Back in the early 1950's, the Santa Fe published a 44 page large-format booklet called "Santa Fe Car and Locomotive Plans for Model Railroaders" with a mix of 1/4", 3/16" and 1/8" to the foot scale drawing of several steam and diesel locos and passenger and freight cars. It was given to people writing the RR for model info, and I was given one during a Boy Scout tour of Corwith Yard. This has a 1/8":1' plans of the M-190 which I believe were originally published in Model Railroader magazine.

Walthers made a wood floor & roof / pressed sheet-metal sides / lead casting ends model sold as the "Shuttle-Jack" in HO and I believe O many years ago. Hallmark and more recently Key imported it in brass in HO and I believe it was available in O brass as well. Geezer

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Wow. Those were the days, eh?

Cordially yours: Gerard P.

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The Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society has two books available that have much information on this unit. See Doodlebugs by John B. McCall and Son of Doodlebugs by John B. McCall.

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