Suggestions for small pressure pump?


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You're not wrong there, mate.

Pot, kettle, black?

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See, the trouble here is that the critical mass of uranium you will need will just be WAY out of scale. I am assuming you WILL be including a fully detailed interior, of course. Although it isn't quite faithful to prototype, I would suggest a mini-Tokamak reactor, or else a miniature laser fusion system, if Mamod still sells the frozen deuterium pellets.

Last I heard, Hornby was sued by Union Pacific, because their /inertial/ guidance system infringed upon that company's patented traffic management techniques, so I am afraid anything that used that system would be off the market, missiles and working bombsights included.

Cordially yours: Gerard P.

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Ok, Thanks for the sensible replies. I expected a bit of flaming, but not with such creativity.

To answer some comments, and For those of you interested in the bigger picture.

- By pumping fluid into external bladder, volume increases, mass doesnt, therefore density decreases.

- My intended use is as a deep-sea scientific research / imaging platform, not a "model" to look at and enjoy. FYI: Excepting widely spaced depth measurments, Most of the ocean floor is an undiscovered, unexplored and unique ecosystem that my "model submarine" could cheaply discover. As an autonomous, roboitc platform, it does not need "remote control" in the classical sense. There are already similar prototype vehicles being developed, for shallower environments. Most, unfortunately, are more interested in defence, not exploration activities.

- Just because no one has ever done it before, and I sound naive, doesnt mean it cant be done with appropriate engineering... it is, after all, a simple case of the physics of pressure, friction, metal, liquid and energy. ( And btw, I'm a defence engineer). There are plenty of SCUBA diving cylinders capable of 1/2 my working pressure, and as someone pointed out, diesel injectors also approach the pressure ballpark I desire.

Cheerio Dave Merrett

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Simone Merrett

Hi Simone,

I'd be most interested in hearing how your design develops.

Regards, Greg.P.


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Greg Procter

I see trouble looming here.

I can get my hands on a 6 cylinder Ruston diesel engine in working order for a good price ,and the best part is ,it actually came from a WWII British submarine ,so it should fit into your model with out any modification.

Just go back to bed ,that'll help

You can get "pulling pumps" at adult toy shops IIRC

Yes, a radial piston pump would be the way to go .

see answer to ques 1.

Buy your self a foundry and a lathe ,you will need a CNC milling machine as well.

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OT for uk.rec.models.rail but intriguing nevertheless. What size is the model submarine, how deep will it be going and how do you plan to control it when it reaches its greatest depth?

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THis thread was dead for 2 months! Why did you have to bring it back up ?!

Now we'll have another round of mostly useless comments added.


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Peter W.

Could of fooled me. But you certainly are a d*****ad and it is gratifying that you don't post much in aus.rail.models Rod

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