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Salvé "Christopher A. Lee" skrev i meddelandet news:

> > >Thread filters area wonderful thing. Keeps the blood pressure down. > > > > > >Its sad that Mr. Lee seems delighted to stir the stuff, but seems to not > >have had a substantive post on this group in a long, long time. > > It is sad that instead of acknowledging the points made, you prefer to > turn it into personal lies. > > The last war that was fought "for freedom" was WW2. It devalues the > deaths of soldiers in conflicts since, to lie about why they fought > and died.

Dear Mr Lee, The war to regain the Falkland Islands and South Georgia islands was the last war that the UK fought for freedom not WW2. I for one proudly wear an armistice day Poppy for the dead of two world wars irrespective as to which army they fought in, anyone who slogged through th mud of Flanders, Ypres, Paschendal Gallipoli or Palestine deserves remembering with honour and I live in Sweden (I'm British) where armistice day celebrations are unknown. If our military (irrespective as to which nation we belong) deport themselves honourably in the face of the enemy be they honourable or otherwise, then we should rightly be proud of them. Beowulf

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