TGV paper models

this site has lots of downloadable plans for paper models of European TGV. Looks interesting for a kid to get into.

kive weinstein reno

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Have you ever put together a "simple" paper model? It requires a good deal more skill than a plastic kit! Paper models are definitely a craft-skill kit, with a surprisingly steep learning curve. Even a simple box=like barn, for example, requires precise cutting and scoring, and careful gluing. Besides, the TGV models you refer to are not beginners' models.

That being said, I recommend paper models. They are a different kind of craft, and rather soothing to do while listening to the news. :-)

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kivewe spake thus:

Wolf was nothing if not civil. You're the one who needs to take a chill pill.

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David Nebenzahl

On Fri, 22 Dec 2006 10:16:38 -0800, I said, "Pick a card, any card" and David Nebenzahl instead replied:

Ah, the arbiter of civility addresses the accused.

-- Ray

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Ray Haddad

"" wrote in news:

"Simple" and "beginner level" are rather natural interpretations of "looks interesting for a _kid_ to get _into_".

Anyways - enjoy your paper model. And if you indeed am an in- experienced kid who actually gets the TGV right as your first paper project - then you can bask in the knowledge that you are a natural born paper modeller :-)

Merry Xmas !

Grin, Stein

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Stein R

You didn't, but you refer to these models as of possible interest for a kid, which I naturally read as your implying that these kits were for beginners, ie, simple and easy. If that's not what you intended, then why the reference to a kids?

I'm not frustrated. Where did you get that idea?

Hey, I did reply civilly - I didn't call you names, did I? I could call you names now, since you've dissed me, but I won't.

And I _did_ recommend paper modelling -- I've done some, and I like it. I even put in a smiley. Or didn't you read that far?

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You don't have to be much in the way of "arbiter" to recognize that Kive Weinstein went way over the top with his response to Wolf. It's as if he were reacting to some other post.

"Looks interesting for a kid to get into."

Does imply "simple" as opposed to difficult.


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Paul Newhouse

For a complex paper model, visit this web site:

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Unfortunately, they do not have any train models.

Regarding your other reply, do not underestimate the skills of a kid. I am amazed at some of the models I have seen built by kids.

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Ken Rice


Did British steam locomotives sometimes have white lanterns on pilot beams? If they did, what did it mean?

Many thanks,


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Art Robb

It was a code as to the type of train being hauled behind the loco. The information helped signalmen to recognise the train.

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Greg Procter

Thanks, Ken, I've been to that site several times. Lovely models. I've noticed that some complex models are easier to build than some simple ones. A complex model built from several subassemblies is often easier than a model made from a few parts that must be cut and folded just so... :-) I've downloaded a couple of the animals, but haven't made them yet.

And, yes, kids can do as well as or better than many adults. But paper models cover a large range of skill levels, and they aren't beginner's models merely because they are made of paper.

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