The KL&B Finally Has a Home!!

As many of you know, my 'KL&B Eastern Lines RR Museum' layout, or
the pieces of it anyway, have been patiently waiting in boxes the
last few years due to lack of space.
Well it took some doing, but I've finally managed to buy a
house...and it actually has an extra room! I just need to get a
door moved a bit further down the wall and it'll be perfect.
It will probably be Fall before I get enough boxes unpacked from
the move to be able to do more than turn around in the spare
room, never mind start the layout. But I've got a pretty good
incentive to get that done ASAP! ;^)
I'll keep you posted when construction actually begins.
Head Rust Scraper
KL&B Eastern Lines RR Museum
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Kids, I'll keep an eye on him for you...he bought a house ACROSS THE STREET from me :)
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Craig Zeni
You kids gonna build a tunel between layouts and start interchanging cars?
Jeff Sc MR Desert, Ga.
Don't bother to reply via email...I've been JoeJobbed.
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Jeff Sc.

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