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Hi guys,

I just started to build an N-Scale layout with Unitrack. I love the Unitrack, it works great. I'd like some ides for securing it to my foam board without glue. It doesn't seem like glue would work well, since it is basically hollow under the unitrack. Is there another way to fasten it to foamboard? I see some holes on the bottom, but there is no place to put a nail through on top!



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Kato has some recommendations on their website

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On the home page, click on "UniTrack" at top center, then find FAQs on the left.

-- Bill McC.

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Bill McCutcheon

I used track nails to hold down my Unitrack. I punched through the holes on the bottom. My base is a double layer of 1/4" foam core project board.

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Ken Rice

"Cannonball" wrote in news:

How about double-face tape, like carpet tape?

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Norman Morgan

love the

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another way


Actually, a bead of low temp 'hot melt' glue along the edges works quite well. And a thin bladed putty knife run underneath will pop it loose if you ever need to move things around down the road.

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I use little dabs of 2 part, 5 minute epoxy along the edges. Maybe 1 dab every 18" or so. Holds well and pops right off with a knife for re-doing the track. The scenery hides it well.

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys!!!


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Just have fun, unitrack is good. I used into my stint with N-scale.


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John Franklin

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