Trains to Hurstville Exhibition?

Hi All
In the light of the transport debacle to the Newcastle show, does anyone
know yet whether trains will be running on the October long weekend, to get
to the AMRA show at Hurstville? I can't see any other way to get there,
probably from the Illawarra or Campbelltown area.
Alan Mac :o(
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Alan McKenna
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Normal suburban trains run to/from Hurstville from Central.
I'm doubtful if special trains can run unless they drop/pickup without actually turning around at Hurstville because since the signal box was closed some years ago and the yard layout changed there is no engine run-around track next to the platform 1 track, and there is no access to the yard where the steam locos used to get watered back in the days when the Hurstville Steamfest was an annual (albeit short-lived) event as RIC have converted that area into a fairly heavy-duty engineering service compound.
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C. Dewick
Not inless they run the trains from Central to Hurstville in push-pull mode, steam loco one end, diesel at the other, operationally that would be easier.
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Nathan Cox

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