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HI Has anyone ever heard of a twin transistorized powerpack from 'Troller" called 'Autopulse twintranspak 2.5' ?

If so, I'm looking for instructions on it, possible schematics if possible.

Thanks, regards Jim

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I have the Troller Autopulse TwinsTransamp 1 power pack, but have never opened it to draw the circuit. The instruction sheet I have does not have the circuit, just sections labelled General Description, Control and features, Hook Up instructions, Operational notes, and Trouble Shooting Problems. If you want, I will scan it for you.

I used to have the Troller AutoPulse Transamp which I did open and draw the circuit so I could make a hand held throttle. That circuit is below. I suspect the TwinTransmap version is just a double version of that circuit. I did check out the patent listed on the transformer, but the circuit in the patent did not match the one used.

Here is a simple throttle based on the Troller Auto-Pulse:

Radio Shack Part p/n price

5-pin DIN plug 274-003 1.69 5-pin DIN socket 274-005 .99 DPDT slide switch 275-407 .79 Snap-in light, blue 272-335 1.79 5k linear pot 271-1714 1.19 Knob 1-7/16" dia. 274-430 1.59 TIP-120 transistor 276-2068 1.29 TO-220 mounting hardware 276-1373 .99 Heat sink grease 276-1372 1.59 Rectifier 276-1146 1.39 Transformer 273-1511 8.99 Box w/aluminum cover 273-231 2.19
  1. 12-18 vac in is connected to the rectifier inputs.
  2. Rectifier + output is connected to the full on (5k) side of the 5k pot and the transistor collector.
  3. Rectifier - is connected to the off (0k) side of the 5k pot, to the light and to the reversing switch.
  4. The wiper of the pot is connected to the transistor base.
  5. The transistor emmitor is connected to the light and to the reversing switch.
  6. The reversing switch is connected to the tracks.

|-----| ------| R +|----------|---------| | E | x |C| | C | 5k ohm x------B| TIP-120 12-18 | T | x |E| |------| | I | | |---------| |----- vac | F | | | |DPDT | to | I | | light |rev | track | E | | | |switch| ------| R -|------------------------------| |----- |-----| |------|

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Ken Rice

No Problem. I'll scan it and send it to you.

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