What can you get into a 12' x 9' shed?

The answer's here
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I took photos of NMRA British Region member's Virginia and Truckee model
railroad which is contained in a 12' x 9' shed. Cliff loves to make
working 'gizmos'. Here's his description of them.
What can you put in a shed. Loads, if you want a quart in a pint pot.
The V and T has several "working gismos".:-
One of the simpler ones is a water tower spout that raises and lowers.
A man can be seen sharpening a blade on a grindstone, using the tried
and tested flasher unit used for  the welding scene with blue and yellow
lamps to represent the sparks.
Real water turns the wheel in an old Faller mill, suitably
A small hunting party have been given lamps using grain of rise bulbs,
the wires hidden behind their legs.
The same type of bulbs have been used on the characters outside the
saloon in gunfight pose which flash randomly with a short sound effect
of gunfire.
Stores  to the mine are raised and lowered by means of a hoist powered
by a small "Donkey" engine
In the mountain forest three large flicker bulbs (mains operated with
suitable caution and warnings) are hidden in the trees with a dozen or
so red and yellow LEDs flashing randomly to create a forest fire effect,
with an O scale smoke generator to complete the effect.
The Jenson Lumber and Box Co has its own steam powered stationary engine
(red bulb to simulated fire glow) to power the beam engine to pump up
water to the tank, Saw, Trip Hammer and Blacksmith's bellows. a LED
glows in the fire each time the bellows move. Another smoke generator in
the steam engine.
In the loco facilities the ash pit is flickering.
At night time, the last (gas?) lamp in the street is lit by the
Lamplighter raising his glowing torch to arms length at which point the
lamp itself comes on.
There's a lot to see in a very small space. Cliff has agreed that,
subject to his health being up to it (he suffers with back problems) he
*may* open the V&T to early visitors to the April 17th 2010 Spring Meet
at Bognor Regis. If he does I'd suggest you book as quickly as possible
toavoid disappointment.
In the meantime enjoy pictures (all 45 of them) of his work at
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