A Bit of Fun.

Here's a bit of a diversion for anyone who's short of something to do. See
if you can put names to these faces. They are mostly eminent engineers, with
one or two exceptions. They all have connections with our interests. Please
don't spoil it and post the answers on the site, you could try emailing them
to me if you can't wait until they are posted later in the week. Good luck.
Pictures at:-
formatting link
Title:- "Engineers of Note"
PS. The pictures were loaded as an album and for some reason have
reorganised themselves, but they are clearly numbered.
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Charles Hamilton
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Doesn't look as if this stirred much interest in anyone, but if anyone is curious, the answers are in the same place as the pictures!!!
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Charles Hamilton
I looked and tried but didn't shout about it :-))
Martin P
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